Why choose The Hearing Hub?

You will receive hearing care from Qualified Clinicians

The Hearing Hub is an accredited hearing service provider who can provide hearing services to client’s on the Hearing Services Program and all other people over the age of 21 years. Andrew McKenna is our qualified Audiometrist and a full/Ordinary member with the Australian College of Audiology (ACAud).

At the Hearing Hub we have access to the most up to date innovation and technological advances in the hearing industry, enabling us to deliver high quality and affordable hearing care that focuses on the client’s unique hearing loss and hearing needs.

We listen

Our qualified Audiometrist, Andrew McKenna, is here to assist you and provide you with a meaningful and pleasant experience at The Hearing Hub.

Andrew gives the customer what they want and need based on their unique hearing loss and specific hearing needs and concerns.

Hearing loss can have a social, physical and emotional impact on you, your family, your friends and your community. Andrew has a sensitive and patient approach to helping clients enhance their quality of life by being able to find solutions to their hearing needs.

We put the power and choice in your hands

We are independently and privately owned which means that we can offer you the latest hearing  solutions from any of the leading hearing aid manufacturers.

We offer 4-12 week hearing device(s) trials on all leading manufacturers products. You can try any style and any technology level at no cost to you.  Simply try it, wear it and love it. If you don’t get the hearing outcomes you want and need then you just return the device(s) at no cost to you.

As a customer of The Hearing Hub we endeavour to help you find the right hearing solution that is based on your unique hearing loss and individual needs.

The Hearing Hub can come to you

The Hearing Hub is a mobile hearing service which has hearing clinics located in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Hawks Nest, Maitland and the Hunter Valley. Being mobile means we can travel across NSW to get to you.

The Hearing Hub provides it’s client’s with nursing home visits, home visits and after hour appointments. There is no cost for these extra services that allow you to access the highest level of hearing care.

If you have mobility or transportation issues we can come to you in the comfort of your own home. 

We use the latest advances in audiological testing equipment in order to provide hearing services in the comfort of your own home.


High quality services at affordable and competitive prices

The Hearing Hub tailors its hearing rehabilitation programs around its high quality aftercare services. Finding the right solution based on your hearing needs isn’t where we stop.

After you trial the hearing device(s) for 4-12 weeks and decide to proceed with the hearing rehabilitation program, we continually make sure you achieve better hearing outcomes for the lifetime of the device. 

We provide FREE lifetime servicing on all our products at affordable and competitive prices.

Yes that is right there are no hidden costs and you can download our price list without having to fill out contact forms!