Hearing Services


We offer the highest quality hearing care to our community.

The Hearing Hub can offer hearing care to the following client’s:

Pensioners and Veterans. We can offer hearing care delivered through the commonwealth government Hearing Services Program.

Self funded client's.

Client's who want to make an industrial deafness claim.

NDIS client's.

The Hearing Hub can offer the following hearing care to it’s client’s:

Comprehensive Hearing assessments, hearing aid fitting appointments, follow up/evaluation appointments and ongoing aftercare servicing.

The hearing care we provide:

Comprehensive Hearing assessments consist of air and bone conduction testing, tympanometry, acoustic reflex testing and speech tests. If further testing or investigation is required a referral to a specialist will be required and assistance will be provided.

Hearing aid fittings. We perform real ear measurements to ensure the recommended hearing aids are accurately set to the chosen prescription target.

Follow up/evaluation appointments. We evaluate and ensure the hearing aid(s) fitted meet you specific hearing needs and requirements.

Your hearing loss and needs can change so the aftercare servicing provided ensures we keep your hearing aids optimised and continue to meet your hearing needs and requirements. These services include regular hearing tests, counselling, hearing aid adjustments, hearing aid and auditory training, hearing aid repairs and supply of batteries and other consumables for hearing aids.

Providing assistance to our client's in the referral process to Medical hearing specialists. Medical hearing specialist services include ear nose and throat specialists and cochlea implant specialist centres.

Home visits. We come to you in the comfort of your own home to conduct the hearing assessments, hearing aid fitting appointments, follow up/evaluation appointments and aftercare servicing.

Remote adjustments to hearing aids that contain remote support technology.

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