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Don’t let your hearing loss stop you from doing the things you love most!Whether it’s having dinner at a restaurant with friends and family, playing a round of golf or playing a game of tennis with friends, attending meetings or attending a family BBQ on the weekend, We can help you get back into the conversation when it matters!
The Hearing Hub offers the following independent hearing services and solutions for adults 21 years and over:

FREE hearing services for Pensioners and Veterans through the Hearing Service Program.

The Hearing Hub exclusively provides all eligible Pensioners and Veterans with FREE partially subsidised hearing aids through the Hearing Service Program. This deal is only provided by The Hearing Hub. See our free top up ad for more information. Conditions apply on the Hearing Service Program.

If you aren't eligible to receive hearing services on the Hearing Service Program we will provide you with a FREE Comprehensive hearing assessment. We will give you your results and if a GP report is required it will cost $50.00.

The power and choice is in your hands. We provide 4-12 week FREE hearing aid(s) trials on all the leading manufacturers products. You get to try before you buy! Try any style of hearing device(s) and multiple levels of technology to see which device best suits you unique hearing loss and hearing needs.

FREE High-quality aftercare lifetime servicing on all products purchased from The Hearing Hub. NO HIDDEN COSTS like most of the online discount hearing aid retailers! You will actually receive the care and advice from qualified professionals who are members of professional bodies in the hearing healthcare industry.

We provide all our client's with Home and Nursing Home visits at no cost to you. If you are a Hearing Services Program client you will need a written letter from your doctor for us to provide you with a home visit. These appointments are made upon request.

We provide after hours appointments to all client's 7 days a week. These appointment are made upon request.

All hearing device(s) purchased from The Hearing Hub come with three-year to five year manufacturer’s warranty.

A free year supply of premium power one batteries and other audiological supplies for the first year of the hearing rehabilitation program. After this period has lapsed, the client will then be responsible to purchase the batteries and audiological supplies themselves. The Hearing Hub offers a batteries and audiological supplies program for the cost of $97 per annum. This means we supply you with an unlimited supply of batteries and other consumables. This program is optional.

Workers compensation/Industrial deafness claims which includes hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, follow up appointments and ongoing services for the lifetime of the hearing device(s). The hearing aid(s) and ongoing services are at no cost to you. We put you in touch with our solicitors that don't charge to process your claim on your behalf.

Pre-employment hearing assessments. The cost is $49 for the report and test results to be sent to the relevant parties.

Payment plans. No interest charged.

We are the only provider in the Hunter region who provides a downloadable price list on all hearing aids across all the leading manufacturers without having to give contact details or getting a quote. Remember we are a hearing service provider not an online hearing aid retail business. We don't just sell hearing aids. We provide you with the professional knowledge and clinical skills to get you the best hearing outcomes for your unique hearing loss and hearing needs.


For your convenience, we can be found at six offices across Newcastle and the Hunter Valley region. We provide free home and Nursing Home visits upon request. After hour appointments are also available upon request. Call now on 02 49 10 4074 or send inquiries to admin@hearinghub.com.au


The Hub’s Hearing Services explained in more detail


Hearing Service Program client’s:

The Hearing Hub is accredited with the Hearing Services Program as a hearing service provider. Our qualified clinicians can provide all Eligible Pensioners and Veterans with free hearing services though the Hearing Services Program.

To access the Hearing Services program all eligible client’s must see their doctor to have the Hearing Service Program medical certificate signed. Once this medical certificate is signed and you have been assessed by your doctor and there are no contraindications you can book a hearing assessment with an accredited hearing service provider. You are not obliged to see a certain provider. The choice is yours.

The hearing services provided on the Hearing Services Program are free to all eligible client’s. If hearing device(s) are required to be fitted to a eligible client, the client can chose to be fitted with a fully subsidised or partially subsidised hearing device(s).

There is no cost applied to the client to be fitted with fully subsidised device(s). These hearing device(s) can provide client’s with satisfactory hearing outcomes. The list of fully subsidised hearing device(s) can be found on the Hearing Services Program.website.

There is a cost to be fitted with patially subsidised hearing aids. It has to be noted the cost of the partially subsidised hearing device(s) can vary depending on who your hearing provider is.

The technology in the partially subsidised hearing device(s) have more advanced features for complex listening environments and may obtain extra advanced wireless/bluetooth features.

Client’s who chose to be fitted with partially subsidised hearing device(s) should always ask their provider for a trial of these products so they can compare their hearing outcomes to the fully subsidised devices. This way you will know if you need to invest in a partially subsidised hearing device(s) to provide you with better hearing outcomes.

Their is another optional cost to the Hearing Services program. The cost is $45.68. This cost is for the yearly batteries and maintenance program. This program allows providers to supply you with all the necessary audiological supplies you will need to clean and maintain your hearing device(s) at no extra cost. The supplies will include batteries and hearing aid consumables. This program is far cheaper than having to purchase the batteries and supplies yourself.


Self funded client’s:

If you are not eligible to receive hearing services through the government Hearing Services Program you can still access our hearing services.

We provide all self funded client’s with FREE comprehensive hearing assessments and FREE lifetime on-going aftercare servicing on all hearing device(s). The prices of our hearing device(s) are very affordable and competitive when you compare the service we provide with them in comparison to online discount providers and big national hearing chains.

We are approved hearing services provider with all private health funds and you can obtain the rebates that apply to your level of cover if you are fitted with hearing device(s) by The Hearing Hub.

If you already have been fitted with hearing aids and wish to receive on-going services for the lifetime of the hearing device(s), The Hearing Hub give you the first year of servicing free then it will cost you $50 per visit.

If you pay $50 for the visit and the adjustment and the outcomes are not satisfactory your next adjustment appointment will be free.


Comprehensive hearing assessments:

The comprehensive hearing assessment consists of a case history, hearing needs assessment, impedance testing, air conduction, bone conduction, and speech discrimination testing.

Depending on test results, further investigation into the client’s case may be required by an Ear Nose and Throat specialist. We will always write reports for client’s so they can return to their doctors to obtain a referral if required.

Call today to organise a FREE comprehensive hearing test with Andrew McKenna our qualified hearing services clinician.


Hearing aid fittings tailored to your unique hearing loss and hearing needs: 4-12 week hearing aid trials. Try it, wear it and love it. No financial risk to you!

We allow all of our client’s to trial all hearing device(s) for 4-12 weeks that incorporate the all different styles and technology levels which contain the most up-to-date and innovative technology across all the leading manufacturers.

We will provide hearing device(s) that are tailored to your unique hearing loss as well as your personal requirements. We use appropriate clinical practices to fit the hearing devices to your specific hearing loss. We don’t just set the hearing aids to the manufacturers first fit.

The Hearing Hub doesn’t charge fitting fees on any of our hearing aid fittings. At the fitting you will be given appropriate training on the hearing device usage and maintenance. You will be given literature to help guide you in the correct usage and maintenance practices for the specific hearing devices.

You won’t leave our practice until you are confident inserting, using and maintaining your hearing device(s). If accessories are fitted with the hearing device(s) appropriate training will be provided for their usage and maintenance. Literature on the accessories will also be provided.

Aftercare servicing provided by The Hearing Hub: Don’t be mislead or ripped off by hidden costs that retailers aren’t up front about ITS A MUST READ FOR ALL CLIENTS!:

At The Hearing Hub we know that aftercare servicing and on-going support is one of the most crucial part of the Hearing rehabilitation program. It can cost you more if you make a decision based on the cost of the hearing device(s) and not on the entire hearing rehabilitation plan that is offered to you.

Once better hearing outcomes are achieved for the client, we must continually achieve these hearing outcomes for the client. Qualified clinician’s know there are many factors that can contribute to dissatisfaction with hearing aid performance, and poor hearing outcomes which lead to discontinued usage of the hearing device(s).

These factors can be incorrect insertion of the hearing device(s), wax/moisture damage to the hearing device(s), lack of up keep/maintenance to the hearing device(s), incorrectly inserting batteries, a change in the client’s hearing thresholds and the list goes on.

If the client is regularly seeing their hearing services clinician for on-going services , these factors can be identified and rectified. Also client’s needs and requirements change over time and it is vital that we assess/review the client’s need on a regular basis.

The Hearing Hub provides 4 monthly check up/review appointments which include adjustments, repairs counselling and training on all matters relating to the hearing device(s) to all client’s. This way we maintain the highest level of satisfaction for the client’s hearing outcomes.

There are online providers who claim you should only have to see your audiologist/audiometrist a couple of time during the lifetime of the hearing device(s).

This statement is somewhat misleading. There are many factors that will determine how often you will need to see your hearing provider.

These factors can include your degree of hearing loss, the complexity of your listening environments, the condition of your ears and high care needs due to health concerns. These are just a few mentioned of many factors.

Through our clinical experience we see a lot of dissatisfied customers who purchase cheaper hearing aids expecting the on-going services to be included for the lifetime of the hearing device(s), only to find they must pay extra costs for these on-going services. So do you really save thousands on the cost of the hearing aids?

The answer is yes if you compare the prices to the big national hearing chains that price gouge client’s by charging exorbitant prices for hearing device(s) and on-going servicing. These exorbitant prices charged by the big national chains has in turn created the online discount hearing aid sales industry. The downside to the creation of the online hearing aid discount sales industry its not always providing the best outcome for the customers. Profits are still put before the client’s needs and outcomes.

There are a limited number of online providers who do include on-going servicing for no extra costs, though these providers may put limitations on the amount of visits per year and the duration of the on-going servicing. Always get a written quote containing all services provided for the lifetime of the hearing device(s), so you can make accurate comparisons!

If you actually compare the pricing structure and comparable ongoing hearing services of online hearing aid discount providers to The Hearing Hub , you aren’t saving thousands of dollars. Our prices are on our downloadable price list. Check it out for yourselves.

You do however, have to factor in the cost for each time you see your provider for on-going servicing. You will need to factor in costs between $50 to $250 per visit. These prices are based on what some of our client’s have been charged through online hearing device(s) purchases.

Now lets do the math. For example one online discount hearing aid provider sells a Unitron T Moxi All 700 RIC hearing aid for $2200-$2700. This only includes the initial hearing test, fitting and follow up appointments. This doesn’t include the on-going servicing required for the lifetime of the hearing device(s) to maintain the good hearing outcomes.

The hearing hub’s price on the same product is $2495.00 per device. Thousands of dollars cheaper i think not!

Now we have compared the price lets compare the servicing. The Hearing Hub’s price includes FREE lifetime servicing for the life of the hearing device(s). This means we test your hearing annually or as required, provide 4 monthly check up/review appointments, repairs, counselling and training for the hearing device(s). The only extra cost you will pay will be for consumables after the first year from the fitting date. This includes batteries, wax filters acoustic domes etc. We even provide a cheap batteries and audiological supplies program for $97 per annum.

So lets take the cheapest possible fee we know of for on-going servicing and apply 3 visits a year over 5 years at $50 dollars per adjustment. That is a total of $750 dollars. Lets add this cost to the price you would have paid for the hearing aid. The lowest price range has been applied in this circumstance. $2200 +$750=$2950.00 per aid for the lifetime of the hearing device based on a 5 year period.

The Hearing Hub’s price of $2,495.00 per hearing device with full lifetime servicing which means the lifetime not 5 years against an online discount providers price plus the lowest cost life time ongoing- services for 5 years of $2950.00.

Wow! and that is being conservative with the expected cost of on-going services!

As you can see it may appear you a paying for a cheaper price based on the advertised price of the hearing device(s), but when all the facts are laid on the table you can see who is actually cheaper.

Another factor to consider is there are online hearing aid discount businesses who purchase hearing aids directly from overseas suppliers to maintain high profit margins.  

So when you are looking for hearing aids, don’t be drawn into the technology and price, you need to find a clinic who will always put your needs above their profits.

Do you want a clinician to regularly test your hearing to make sure your hearing device(s) stay optimised? Do you want a clinician who is going to provide you with counselling, training, ongoing repairs and adjustments needed to maintain those great hearing outcomes? If you are going to make the investment into your hearing make sure you get the service that is required to deliver the best possible hearing outcomes for your unique hearing loss and specific hearing needs.

Shopping based on price can lead to hearing aids not being used. Buying hearing aids is not like shopping for flat screen TV’s. You need to be assessed by qualified clinicians who have the correct training, knowledge and clinical skills. Your clinician needs to put your unique hearing loss and hearing needs above the sale of the hearing device(s)

At The Hearing Hub we will always put your hearing needs first. You will always see the same clinician every time you visit The Hearing Hub. We don’t pay our employees commissions based on hearing aid sales nor do we provide hearing devices to clients based on agreements with manufacturers. This actually makes us truly independent.

At The Hearing Hub every client is treated with respect and their unique hearing needs and hearing loss are the centre of the hearing rehabilitation program we create for them.

Once we have tested your hearing and given you recommendations based on your unique hearing loss and needs, if you decide to proceed, The Hearing Hub will conduct a 4-12 week hearing device(s) trial on all selected hearing device(s)

The trial includes an initial fitting appointment where we provide you with a real ear measurement on the hearing device(s) where we use the most appropriate hearing aid prescription target based on your specific hearing loss.

We also provide hearing device(s) training for insertion maintenance and usage. Counselling will be provided on realistic expectations, needs and usage. We will provide you with the hearing aid instructions literature to refer to when using the hearing device(s).

We also provide you with premium power one batteries and other audiological supplies so you can use and maintain the hearing device(s) during the trial.

We then will provide you with a follow-up appointment to review your hearing outcomes based around your specific hearing goals. This appointment will be no more than two weeks after the initial fitting appointment.At this appointment we will review and assess your hearing outcomes. Adjustments may be made on the hearing devices. Other assessments will be carried out validate the fitting.

After the follow up appointment has been conducted we will provide you with ongoing weekly visits to review your progress. We will make sure your hearing outcomes are consistently achieved and your problems and concerns with the hearing device(s) and hearing outcomes are rectified and explained in detail.

Once the trial has concluded the choice is then yours. If you love the hearing device(s) and decide to proceed with the hearing rehabilitation program, you will then need to pay The Hearing Hub for the quoted price given to you.

If you don’t want to proceed with the hearing rehabilitation program, you will have to return the hearing device(s) in good working order. Any damage to the hearing devices or lost hearing devices during the trial will result in the cost to repair/replace the devices being passed directly on to you for payment.

Once the trial process has been conducted, and payment is made for the hearing rehabilitation program, the lifetime on-going servicing will commence. There will be no cost to this service!

All client’s who purchase hearing device(s) from the Hearing Hub will be provided with annual hearing assessments or when required, 4 monthly check up’s/review, on-going hearing device(s) adjustments, hearing device(s) training, counselling and repairs .

All hearing device(s) purchased from The Hearing Hub come with a Three years manufacturer’s warranty. All repair costs completed outside the Three year manufacturer’s warranty will be paid by the client (This excludes Hearing Services program client’s who agree to take on the batteries and maintenance program.

All self funded client’s will receive a free year of premium power one batteries and other audiological supplies when they purchase a hearing device(s) from The hearing Hub.

Once the first year of the hearing rehabilitation program has laspsed, our clients are offered to pay $97 a year to be supplied with an unlimited supply of premium batteries and audiological supplies. This program supplies client’s with an unlimited supply of batteries and audiological supplies needed to maintain their hearing device/s.


You will only ever see the one clinician you are comfortable seeing:

At the Hearing Hub you will only ever see the one clinician for your hearing services, not multiple clinicians. The better we get to know you and your specific hearing needs, the better understanding we have of what you really want and need.


Home visits, nursing home visits and after hours appointments:

We understand not everyone can come to us. Being able to access health services is vital to delivering good health outcomes to client’s.

Therefore by incorporating the most up to date testing equipment into our services allows us to bring our office to you.

If you are an Hearing Services Program client, and require a home visit you will need a letter from your doctor giving The Hearing Hub permission to provide you with hearing services outside our approved clinic locations due to your specific needs. These appointments are available 7 days a week.

If you are not a Hearing Services Program client, Whether it’s the hassle of finding a park, mobility issues or if you just feel more comfortable in your own home, we can also bring our office to you by providing you with a home visit. These appointments are available 7 days a week.

If you have a family member who requires hearing services in a nursing home, we can provide hearing services to them in the nursing home. There are no costs to these appointments. Appointments will be taken upon request and are available 7 days a week.

We know people lead very busy lives and can’t attend appointments during normal business hours. Therefore, we offer after hours appointments upon request. Whatever time suits you best we can be there. We are available 7 days a week. These appointments are FREE and don’t cost you extra.


Workers compensation and industrial deafness hearing claims:

We are a government accredited hearing provider that offers hearing services to those with successful industrial deafness claims in NSW. We provide all the hearing services required which includes the following:

The initial hearing assessment


Hearing aid fitting of the approved hearing device


Follow up appointment after the fitting


Ongoing aftercare service for the lifetime of the device which includes 3 monthly check up’s, adjustments, maintenance, support, training and counselling.


Pre-employment hearing assessment:

We provide comprehensive pre-employment hearing assessments. We provide a doctor’s report with the test results the following day to you and the potential employer/recruiter. The cost for the pre-employment assessment with test results and doctor’s report is $49.

Payment plans:

If you can’t afford to make the payment upfront after the completion of the 4-12 week hearing device(s) trial, we do provide payment plans for all budgets. No interest is charged on any payment plan with The Hearing Hub.


For more information about any of the above hearing services, contact us today on (02) 4910 4074 or inquire at admin@hearinghub.com.au