Your Guide to Hearing Aids

Try before you buy!

At The Hearing Hub, unlike most online discount hearing aid retailers we don’t provide hearing aid guides or recommend hearing aids based on personal reviews of products or testimonials.

All technical hearing aid product information can be provided by The Hearing Hub to the client or found on the hearing aid manufacturers website.

Based on our clinical experience and knowledge, we know hearing aid guides and reviews can be misleading and more often than not cause client’s to make uninformed decisions based on products and price. Decisions made on product reviews and prices can lead to great dissatisfaction with the product and poor hearing outcomes.

The qualified clinicians at The Hearing Hub use their professional knowledge and scientific based clinical methodologies to tailor each individual hearing solution to each client’s specific hearing loss and needs.

The clinician’s at The Hearing Hub provide all client’s with their professional and ethical guidance using their clinical knowledge to allow the client to ultimately make their selection of hearing device(s) based on clinical results during the clinical trial period.

The Hearing Hub provides clinical hearing aid trials to all their client’s for a minimum period of 4 weeks to a maximum period of 12 weeks. With the approval of The Hearing Hub, a longer trial period can be given.

At The Hearing Hub, You can trial all different styles of hearing aids from all the different leading hearing aid manufacturers. You can also trial multiple levels of technology to make sure your comparisons on technology levels are accurate and based on the clinical outcomes you experience during the trial period.

Hearing aid companies are now incorporating technology into their hearing device(s) which allow customers to trial different levels of technology in the one device. 

One particular company allows the client’s to upgrade their hearing devices(s) at any time without having to purchase new hearing device(s). The client will start with a temporary upgrade which allows the client to trial a higher level of technology to see if the outcomes meet the client’s hearing needs. If the upgrade is successful in providing better hearing outcomes a permanent upgrade can be made to the device(s).

So if your hearing needs and requirements change so can your hearing aids technology level without having to purchase new device(s).

All the latest hearing aid technology allows the clinician to log all the data from the usage of the hearing aid(s) during the trial period.  Clinicians can analyse the data to understand important factors like how many hours a day you use the hearing device(s) for, what percentage of time of the entire usage , what features in the hearing device(s) are being used and not being used and all other hearing aid control features.

This data we share with you will help you to better understand what features you need in a hearing device(s) and what environments you need them in. Along with the outcomes you experience during the trial period and the data we provide you, an informed decision can be made on what hearing solution best meets your specific hearing needs and requirements.

Being able to trial the hearing device(s) for 4-12 weeks takes away any financial risk of being sold a product upfront that isn’t suitable to your hearing needs without the ability to get a refund. The trial also allows you to take a stress free approach to finding the hearing solution that will best meet your specific hearing loss and needs.

Don’t waste your time reading hearing aid guides and reviews when you can experience the results first hand! Don’t take advice of others relating to a certain product. See a qualified professional for advice and obtain a clinical trial.


Making accurate comparisons when buying hearing device(s):

Unbundled VS Bundled.

Working out whether unbundled or bundled provides the best value that is centered around your hearing needs and requirements can be easily worked out. However you need the facts first.  

Obtaining a Bundled package means you never pay for on-going servicing for the lifetime of hearing devices where unbundled packages means you pay a cheaper price for the hearing device(s) but you pay for the ongoing hearing services provided after the hearing aid is fitted or the initial follow up appointment.

It is important to note most companies won’t charge a fitting fee and a follow up fee. Don’t be mislead by companies that say we don’t charge for after sales servicing. Make sure you are given all the associated costs for the lifetime of the hearing device(s).

Our advice is that you need all the facts and figures to make an informed decision. Once you have the facts and figures you will then need to do the calculations. Once you have completed the calculations you will then need to ask more questions based on your findings.

Once you start asking the questions you will then start getting answers you need to find out which solution gives you the best value and outcomes.


These are some of the questions you should start with:

1) Why and how is there a price difference between hearing providers or hearing aid retail outlets?

2) Where the hearing aid(s) you are being recommended purchased or sourced from?

3) Is the company you are receiving recommendations from a hearing service provider or are they a hearing aid retail outlet?

4) Are the people who are recommending the product to you a qualified clinician recognised by a hearing industry professional body?

5) Does the hearing provider or hearing aid retail outlet who is recommending a specific product have specific deals with manufacturers?

6) Is the hearing service provider or hearing aid retail outlet owned by a hearing aid manufacturer?

7) Does the hearing provider or hearing aid retail outlet have a long term interest in the hearing industry and their prospective clients? 

It is important to know there is never a stupid question to ask. The Hearing Hub has been asked all of these questions given as examples. What ever question you have there should be an honest answer given.

One of the most frequently asked questions by prospective clients is how do you know there are no hidden costs? The answer is you don’t. You are relying on the clinicians integrity and honesty.

Don’t feel awkward or embarrassed about asking the hard questions. The most important question you can ask is do they care about my hearing needs and requirements or do they care about making a sale? Don’t be pushed into making a decision. This is certainly a red flag when considering who you choose to provide you with hearing services.

If you are unsure about the information being provided to you, bring along a family member or friend to your next appointment. Remember you are allowed to obtain multiple opinions from other professionals.

Remember to get a detailed written quote. Always ask for the exact product description in the quote. Being told bronze, silver gold or platinum for levels of technology is not sufficient information to make comparisons.


Price gouging and information that is used to mislead the consumer:

It is true there are hearing providers who charge far to much for the price of their hearing aid(s)/services. The price gouging that has occurred and still occurs today in the hearing industry has created the the online hearing aid retail industry thus creating this issue of bundled VS unbundled.

One very important fact you must know and consider when dealing with online hearing aid discount companies is if they are saying you save thousands on the cost of the hearing aid(s), this is only in comparison to the most expensive hearing service providers. This statement is misleading and you need to do more investigating.

Another important factor in the unbundled vs bundled is to know there are online hearing aid retailers who act as the middle men. They are after profits and often don’t put your hearing needs first!

These companies will source out the clinical services to other hearing providers in specific locations. They supply the hearing aid(s) to the nominated hearing service providers and pay them a fee to do all the clinical work and ongoing servicing of the client.

This model in The Hearing Hub’s opinion is unsustainable and is not conducted in the best interest of the client. 

If a profit is made by a hearing provider it should be made on providing high quality hearing services and outcomes to the client, not on the sale of the hearing device(s). 

Another important fact to know when choosing the unbundled vs bundles option is the lifetime of a hearing device(s). The truth is the life time of a hearing device(s) can be up to 10 years if the hearing device(s) are well maintained. Most providers will say 5-7 years.

This figure is not based on how long a hearing device(s) can last but how often you should buy a product. Being fitted with the most up to date technology is vital to a obtaining the best possible hearing outcomes. However, the hearing provider must clinically prove the difference the upgrade in technology will make to your hearing outcomes and needs to justify the refit.

When considering the overall cost of the hearing devices(s), you must factor in the the life of the hearing device(s). The life span of the hearing device(s) will determine the overall cost of the ongoing servicing.

Most providers that provide the unbundled packages will charge between $50.00 and $125.00 for an adjustment or consultation. Some providers may charge in excess of this amount. This price doesn’t include repair costs and shipping costs outside of the warranty period. It is also important to note there can be associated repair costs within the warranty period.

If you encounter problems with your hearing aids and you are being charged $5o for an adjustment at a minimum, the cost could blow out considerably. This could be even compounded further by higher scheduled fee’s for on-going servicing.

Don’t settle for a poor quality aftercare service. You should never be told that you shouldn’t need regular visits to your hearing provider. This statement is misleading and more often is done to free up time and space for new prospective clients.

Through our clinical experience and knowledge, The Hearing Hub can say the majority of our clients who regularly attend their check up appointments are the client’s who achieve the highest quality and most consistent hearing outcomes.

You may be using or maintaining your device incorrectly. Your hearing may also have declined since your last appointment. Your hearing needs and requirements can change. At check up appointments all of these factors are considered and assessed continually making sure your hearing device(s) are performing at their optimal performance!

Don’t ever settle for the common line of ‘there are no further adjustments that can be made to the hearing device(s)’. If this is the case then your clinician should send you back to your Doctor to obtain a referral for further assessment by an Ear Nose and Throat specialist or a specialist Audiologist. In these cases other hearing rehabilitation options can be explored.


What should be included in ongoing hearing service:

All ongoing hearing services that you can be charged extra for  include, annual hearing assessments, on-going hearing aid adjustments, hearing aid device and communication training, counselling, hearing aid repairs and regular check up/review appointments.

The best advice we can offer is to seek out a qualified hearing services professional who will put your hearing needs first and provide you with lifetime servicing at a fixed cost that is affordable and competitive that includes all the above services.

Getting a bundled package means you will get the best outcomes possible for a price you can afford. If you get a bundled package you won’t waste your time or money spent in the clinic that isn’t productive or successful. 

Bundled packages at affordable prices focus on the holistic value of the hearing services provided. Its not focused on one aspect like price or just getting the client ‘through the door’.  We should work hard to produce the best outcomes for our client’s and if we don’t we don’t get paid. If we do achieve the best outcomes for out client’s and don’t maintain those outcomes our reputation will be tarnished. 

Anyone who owns a business or works in the health industry knows long term success hinges on reputation and results. The days of just being a great salesman are all but gone! If you don’t deliver good outcomes to your client’s you won’t be sustainable. Therefore business strategies and practices must be centered around the needs of the client.

Remember always seek out a hearing clinic that allows you to trial hearing devices for a minimum of 4 weeks. This allows time for adjustments to be made and reviewed appropriately. Trialing different levels of technology may require longer trial periods.


The benefits of wearing hearing aids:

Hearing aids can improve your hearing outcomes significantly. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Understand speech and sounds better in a range of different environments.
  • Have a better understanding of where sounds are coming from.
  • Have an improved sense of distance from sound.
  • Experience a better sound quality with general sounds, music and speech.
  • Experience sounds and speech that is more balanced.

Wearing hearing aids can also help improve your quality of life by providing better outcomes for your social, emotional and mental well-being.

It is important to note that you need to keep your expectations realistic when using hearing device(s). Hearing device(s) will not cure your hearing loss. They have the ability to provide you with better hearing outcomes.

The benefits of wearing hearing aids is not universal. What provides one client with good hearing outcomes doesn’t guarantee the next person with a similar hearing loss and needs will obtain the same hearing outcomes.

Every client need to be assessed on an individual basis and develop their own realistic expectations based on their type and degree of hearing loss.


Our Range of hearing devices include:

Behind-the-ear (BTE) – This type of hearing device is ideal for wearers with good dexterity. The size of these hearing aids allows for the maximum number of additional controls and features. This type of hearing device is suitable for a mild to profound hearing loss.

Receiver-in-canal (RIC) – This type of hearing device is worn behind the ear and is made with a very discreet housing. The receiver sits directly in the ear canal. This type of hearing device is not suitable for wearers with limited dexterity. This type of hearing device is suitable for a mild to profound hearing loss. This device will provide a superior sound quality to the BTE option.

Full shell hearing aids (ITE) – This hearing device is ideal for wearers with limited dexterity. The size of these hearing aids allows for the maximum number of additional controls and features. This type of hearing device is suitable for a mild to Profound hearing loss.

Half shell and canals (ITC) – This type of hearing device can also be effective for wearers with limited dexterity though is more discreet than an ITE. This type of hearing device is suitable for a mild to profound hearing loss.

Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) – This hearing type of hearing device sits inside the ear canal and is very discreet. This type of hearing device is suitable for a mild to severe hearing loss.

Invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) – This type of hearing device is the most discrete hearing device you can wear. This tiny device is positioned very close the ear drum. This type of hearing device is suitable for a mild to moderately severe hearing loss. 

Hearing aid technology/cost:

All distinctive styles of hearing aids listed come in various levels of technology. It is important when selecting a level of technology that the style of hearing aid and technology chosen suits your degree of hearing loss and your hearing needs. Don’t buy a hearing device(s) unless you trial the products recommended.

All hearing devices fitted by The Hearing Hub contain the most up to date advancements in hearing aid technology. Digital hearing aids will range from non-wireless to wireless/Bluetooth hearing device(s). Some hearing devices now contain artificial intelligence and remote adjusting capabilities.

Hearing device(s) do vary in price with respect to the level of technology chosen. The Hearing Hub’s hearing device prices start from $1,250.00 per device ranging to $3990.00 per device. 3-5 year manufacturers warranty is included and lifetime servicing is included in these prices. The highest quality of servicing is given to all client’s irrespective of the price paid by the client.


Payment plans:

We provide payment plans to all our customers. No interest is charged on any payment plan.


Hearing aid prices:

We provide a free download of our hearing aid price list on our website. You don’t need to fill in your details or book an appointment to view the price list.

Our hearing device(s) prices include the full lifetime aftercare services on all hearing aids purchased from The Hearing Hub.

These lifetime hearing services include annual hearing assessments or when required, 4 monthly check ups/reviews, on-going hearing aid adjustments, hearing aid repairs (cost of the repair is free if it is within 3-5 year manufacturers warranty period), counselling and hearing aid training. We provide all self funded client’s with a free year of premium power one batteries and audiological supplies.

We offer hearing devices from all the leading manufacturers. We always provide our customers with the most up to date technology from every manufacturer. You get a FREE 4-12 week hearing aid trial on all hearing device(s).

When comparing hearing device(s) and servicing prices to other hearing aid providers, a quote on the identical product and the type of service the product comes with needs to be identical for The Hearing Hub to provide you with a better price. This quote will need to be put in writing for us to beat the price by $200.00. Remember most online hearing aid providers provide unbundled prices which means there is extra costs for on-going hearing services. It is impossible to compare prices if ongoing fee’s are not outlined by the other company providing the quotation.


For more information about hearing aids or to request an appointment, call The Hearing Hub today on (02) 4910 4074. Alternatively, simply fill out our online contact form and a member of our team will get back to you.


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